Welcome to
The Queanbeyan Hive

Thank you for bee-ing patient for this latest update  ... it's taken us ages to put together. We have been working hard to set up business structures for the next phase as well as trying to find a work life balance through these last few crazy and somewhat trying few months.


2018 was all about restoration of the 1910 cottage and upgrading to make it compliant and energy efficient. We gained experience in writing grants (won and successfully acquitted two) and dealing with Councils (Two Development applications approved) and starting to crystallise the Hive mindset.


2019 was all about making connections and testing all the things we would like to provide in the future. We have learnt a bit about what it takes to run and promote events and gallery shows and what a lot of procedures need to go in place for such activities.


2020 is about building strong teams of volunteers and offering memberships to The Hive so that we can keep flying. We will be offering spaces for room bookings and events to co-exist with the Gallery. We will complete our carpark and Pergola area in order to begin offering workshops opportunities and trial a gift shop inside the beautiful building.

Snapshot of 2019

Gallery exhibitions​

  • May: Heritage Open Weekend Collaborative exhibition: "Open"

  • Aug: Vote for us Open day Collaborative exhibition: "Still Open"

  • Oct: "Pulp Art" with Denise Moules, Hans Van Haalen, Janet Parker-Smith, the Peculiar Annes, and Rachel Roberts

  • Oct: "Overlooked": Harry Napier-Rowney, Martin Rowney, and Llewellyn McGarry

  • Oct: QPRC Arts Trail collaborative exhibition

  • Nov: "Coast" with Ian and Roger Skinner

  • Nov: "Beautiful and Broken Things": Jo Cresswell and Mel Harwood

Music events
  • 18 May: Heritage Open Weekend Positive Feedback Loop, David Bath

  • 11 July: Jackson Fisher’s Red Heart Blue

  • 10 August: Vote for us Open day with QBN jazz duo Two4six, Gemma and Marisol and the incomparable Husband and Wife

  • 17 August: A Buzz of Bands featuring Report to Charlie, MT Shed, Mikayla Wadie, Nicholas Lee-Murray, Lisa Maps and Lucy Ridge and the Derby Widows. 

  • 30 August: Local Canberra singer-songwriters David Williams and James Montgomery-Wilcox

  • 31 October: Halloween event with Michael ‘Mikelangelo’ Simic, Pete Lyrebird from Melbourne and born and bred young QBN indigenous superstar Jerikye Williams, and The King Hits.


  • The Funky Brewstar

  • Alex The Pizza Guy

  • Aki – QueenShebar

  • Dan Evans and our CCC Fundraising team.

Hive and Seek Markets

  • 19 October 

  • 30 November 

Workshops and Bookings

  • Mar: Blacksmiths Lane Mural Mentoring workshop with local High schools

  • Jul: QPRC Create Collect meeting – to discuss arts in the region

  • Sept:  Permaculture master Class by Worksmiths

  • Nov: Music NSW Meet ‘n’Greet 

  • Nov: Meditation Groups sessions

  • Nov-Dec: Weekly Art group sessions

  • Nov: Mums and bubs meetings

  • Dec: Q writers Xmas Party


Introduction to Permaculture

2 day workshop

Sunday 18th and 25 October

$280 - $300 AUD + BF

Hosted by Lizzy Smith with Dr Cally Brennan.

Introduction to Permaculture is the beginning for those wanting to explore how to create abundant edible gardens; and support sustainable communities. Over two consecutive Sundays, learn the principles of permaculture and how to put them into action in your life.