SAT 3 and Sun 4 April

10.00 - 16.00

Hive & Seek Market, offering psychic readings and birth/destiny card readings with The Sage Wizard on Saturday and Tarot Readings by Marisol Pacheco on Sunday.  You’ll also find vintage jewellery and lavender bags, retro clothing and brick-a-brac, handmade soaps and windchimes, vegan cakes and pastries as well as honey goodies and local Krave Juices on offer at the market.


SAT 3 April

$10 entry pay at the Gate - 100% of proceeds go to the musicians

MC: Jasper and Judith Burfoot

11am Eden Plenty

12 noon  Danny Velnaar
1pm  Indie Quirky
2pm  Woodface
3pm  Jenny Spear
4pm  O'Neil's Folly
5pm  Fiddling The Books
6pm  Escapado
7pm  Evan Buckley (The Burley Griffin)

Food, Coffee and Drinks by

Kitchen NV and Fundraising Bar by Create Collaborate Collective Inc

variety of hot and cold drink options

vegetarian and gluten-free grazing boxes

variety of salads

cakes and pastries (including hot cross buns)

fresh sandwiches 
pasties traditional cornish and creamy mushroom & chicken
freshly baked focaccia

The Hive has been great for...

Gallery exhibition, craft & meditation sessions, in-service

The Hive fills a local gap for me where I’m looking for a small scale venue that has an artistic aesthetic.

In the last year I have used it for a variety of activities:

  • Gallery space for Mosaic Exhibition for one month

  • Weekly meditation groups

  • A craft meet up that I ran on an occasional basis for four week blocks

  • A venue for a teacher in-service and lunch for my ten teachers and a presenter

Josephine Cresswell

Director, Celtic Arts Agency

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The Queanbeyan Hive - 0403 994 446 

274 Crawford Street Queanbeyan NSW 2620

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