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Our Mission

The Queanbeyan Hive’s mission is to create a space/platform and infrastructure to support and foster events that share our values.

We believe in creating a sense of belonging.

Our Values


Connectivity, Community and Inclusivity.

The Hive takes pride in being a safe space for all ages, race and genders. We encourage the simple and good old ways to connect with one another.



Artistic expression and the enjoyment thereof i­s a key to lifelong happiness. 


We believe everyone can dance and buzz like a bee. Creativity is evident in all that surrounds us.

We just need to slow down and become present with it and embrace it.


Learning and discovering and inspiring others to do the same.

Everyone and everything has a unique past, journey and vast number of experiences. We love story telling and the sharing of knowledge for a richer more enlightened life.


Sustainable living for ourselves and our planet.


We recycle, repurpose old things and keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.
We believe in supporting our local businesses and encouraging a healthy and conscious mindset.

How did we get here?

The Queanbeyan Hive concept has been brewing in the back of Queen Bee Helen's mind since she moved back to her home town in 2009. There were very few places to get a decent breakfast and to hang with like minded souls.


After the purchase of the building in 2014 Helen kept the building tenanted until their tenants left to find a larger office. This is when the restoration process began to bring the c1910 cottage back to life and up to current building codes. The work involved has been huge and the project has now a life of its own.


The business and cottage has been named The Queanbeyan Hive as it is a place that helps facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and creativity. It nurtures local artists, communities and businesses to grow. Helen also have a love for nature and sustainability and realises how critical bees are for this delicate balance. To celebrate life we must also celebrate and nurture bees.


The logo was inspired by the pressed tin walls within the heritage cottage. Within the tin are repeated patterns much like the cells in a bee hive. The bee shape was created to look like it could have been one of these patterns with its simplicity and symmetry.


Snapshot of our past

Gallery exhibitions​

  • May: Heritage Open Weekend Collaborative exhibition: "Open"

  • Aug: Vote for us Open day Collaborative exhibition: "Still Open"

  • Oct: "Pulp Art" with Denise Moules, Hans Van Haalen, Janet Parker-Smith, the Peculiar Annes, and Rachel Roberts

  • Oct: "Overlooked": Harry Napier-Rowney, Martin Rowney, and Llewellyn McGarry

  • Oct: QPRC Arts Trail collaborative exhibition

  • Nov: "Coast" with Ian and Roger Skinner

  • Nov: "Beautiful and Broken Things": Jo Cresswell and Mel Harwood

Music events

  • 18 May: Heritage Open Weekend Positive Feedback Loop, David Bath

  • 11 July: Jackson Fisher’s Red Heart Blue

  • 10 August: Vote for us Open day with QBN jazz duo Two4six, Gemma and Marisol and the incomparable Husband and Wife

  • 17 August: A Buzz of Bands featuring Report to Charlie, MT Shed, Mikayla Wadie, Nicholas Lee-Murray, Lisa Maps and Lucy Ridge and the Derby Widows. 

  • 30 August: Local Canberra singer-songwriters David Williams and James Montgomery-Wilcox

  • 31 October: Halloween event with Michael ‘Mikelangelo’ Simic, Pete Lyrebird from Melbourne and born and bred young QBN indigenous superstar Jerikye Williams, and The King Hits.


  • The Funky Brewstar

  • Alex The Pizza Guy

  • Aki – QueenShebar

  • Dan Evans and our CCC Fundraising team.

Hive & Seek markets

  • 19 October 

  • 30 November 

Workshops and bookings

  • Mar: Blacksmiths Lane Mural Mentoring workshop with local High schools

  • Jul: QPRC Create Collect meeting – to discuss arts in the region

  • Sept:  Permaculture master Class by Worksmiths

  • Nov: Music NSW Meet ‘n’Greet 

  • Nov: Meditation Groups sessions

  • Nov-Dec: Weekly Art group sessions

  • Nov: Mums and bubs meetings

  • Dec: Q writers Xmas Party

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