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Exhibiting Artists in Cross Pollination

Being together a mix of various artists in our first Gallery exhibition.


Richard Larter

Richard Larter (1929-2014) was one of Australia's most significant and prolific pop artists and spent much of his life in the Canberra region after leaving his native England in the 1960s. His works appear in NGV, Heide Museum and National Gallery of Australia collections - The Queanbeyan Hive has unearthed six unseen works (including the 2007 painting Julie#27, pictured) by the maestro, and is proud to show them to art lovers for free, for a highly limited time. 


Lachlan Pottenger

Lachlan is a  passionate traveller, photographer and illustrator. Seeing the world motivates him to create new and beautiful art in many forms whether that is taking photos, designing, painting, creating digital art or writing books. He is inspired by fascinating architectural styles he has seen in his travels. He likes to see an edifice as a set of components he can mix and match in a graphical style.


Tom Buckland

Tom Buckland's work ranges from sculpture to 'art performance' to strange yet strangely practical-looking inventions. He recently featured in the Contour 565 sculpture show in Canberra and his works have been shown in several galleries including Red Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne.


Sara Stanley

Bungendore-based Sara uses acrylic and  oil paint with enamel and mostly paints people. While she mostly sells her work privately these days, she has decided to 'give exhibiting a go again'.


Ian Skinner

Canberra local Ian has been making art for more than 50 years. These composite images juxtapose some of his work with that of his late father to explore commonalities and variations.


Karen Coombes

Karen has been exploring the world through the lens since age 11. She has studied art and photography, and creates intimate works inspired by nature, mood and light, and that celebrate wonder.


Jenny Gibson

Jenny has always had a fascination with the Australian bush. Her work emphasises the irregular growth patterns in nature in contrast to the geometry of the built human environment of human beings.


Tracey Porter

Tracey has dabbled in arts of all kinds and loves creating. She is a total star seed and for the opening of The Qbn Hive has chosen to paint from where she believes we originally came from.


Lisa Woods

Lover of nature, colour and kindness. Lisa's intention is to share love and joy through her heartfelt art. Lisa began painting full-time in May 2018, drawing on the inspiration she gained from years spent travelling through forests and being inspired by psychedelic music festivals. Non-Indigenous.


Onela Keal

Based in Bristol in the UK for the last 15 years, Onela established herself by working in one of the largest independent artist studios outside London, Jamaica Street Artists. Her works have been shown at the Royal West Academy of England and the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Onela has recently returned to Australia. She was a finalist in the 2018 Muswellbrook Art Prize and the 2018 John Leslie Art Prize in Gippsland, Victoria.



Sian Watson won the Emerging Artist award at the recent Sculptures in the Park exhibition at Murrumbateman. Her work features in the Contour 565 sculpture show currently in Canberra and is also being shown at M Gallery in Sydney.


Jodi Stewart

Jodi Stewart has been painting for over 25 years and recently graduated from the National Art School, Sydney, majoring in sculpture.  Her recent sculptural work has focused on using draped ceramic forms that are symbolic of spirit and flesh. Jodi has been a finalist in some of Australia’s most prestigious painting and drawing prizes, such as the Portia Geach, the Shirley Hannan and the Adelaide Perry, as well as having sculptures selected for the Tom Bass Sculpture Prize and the Alice Prize. 


Rachel Burke

Rachel is an educator and dabbling artist, with a major in art as part of her bachelor degree she has continued to focus on a variety of art forms and mediums with students and in her free time as a mum of three vibrant children. Currently playing with gouache and resin, these are a few of the pieces she has created in her spare time happy place.

Lisa Wylde.jpg

Lisa Wylde

Lisa Wylde is inspired by the detail found in nature all around her. She likes re-creating small details on large canvases, allowing her intuition to guide her along the way.


Martin Rowney

Martin Rowney is a Queanbeyan-based sculptor whose sculptural practice explores concepts of history, archaeology and place identity. He won the CMAG 2017 ANU Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award and his works have featured in galleries and outdoor shows across Australia.


Lynda Edridge

A Master of Philosophy (Visual Arts) from ANU, Lynda has recently returned to the Canberra region to live in Queanbeyan after almost a decade in Toulouse, France. Richard Larter himself approved her Masters degree in his role as a course evaluator for the ANU School of Arts.


David Burke

Queanbeyan-based artist and musician who specialises in photography but has branched out into painting and sculpture as part of studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts at ANU. 


Katrina Walsh

Bega-based photographer Katrina Walsh has a wide variety of experience doing all kinds of photography work covering everything from news and events to the more studied nature photography that is featuring at
The Hive.


Julie Ryder

Jerrabomberra-based Julie Ryder's home studio is a riot of bright colours and she draws on her previous work as a florist to bring her paintings of blooms and blossoms to vivid life.

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