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Welcome to our Terms and Conditions

Artspirit is the booking and events manager.

Create Collaborate Collective Inc (NFP) will run the exhibition and events.

The Queanbeyan Hive is the Venue/Gallery: 274 Crawford Street, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620.

The Queanbeyan Hive & Seek Markets

1. Stall Holders Information

Sales are only to be made from you allocated space. 

How you décor your area and sell from your spot is up to you. This market will be in The Hive gardens, perhaps in the gallery and will spill out into the street. Larger umbrellas will be allowed as long as they have secure and effective stands that are not in the way of Seekers.


All stall holders need to be mindful of other stall holders ensuring that they have clear, physical and visual access to the rest of the market.

Hive & Seek are advocates for recycling wares and support local growers, artists, designers and not for profit organisations.  If your wares are mass produced or for commercial gain then Hive & Seek is not the place for you. We will ask you to pack up your goods if you have not been honest with us about your products.



$25+BF small 1.5m x 1.5m

$30+BF medium 2m x 2m 

$30+BF large 3m x 2m 

$40+BF for table inside the cottage

$45+BF  for room within the cottage

$40+BF marquee 3m x 3m

$50+BF for food/drinks vendor 

The Booking Fee is 2.5% + $0.50. Humanitix is a registered charity – not a business. Booking fees cover their costs, and everything else goes to closing the education gap around the world.


Tax invoices will be issued on purchase via Humanitix. 



Bump in (arrival and set up times) is from 8.30am. 

Food vendors and Inside The Hive stalls can setup on Friday night by negotiation.


All Hive & Seek stall holders must have their names ticked off on arrival and we will let you know your allocated space location.


We consider a number of factors when deciding on stall holder positioning including competition, weather, spatial constraints, shop owners interests, security & public safety, consumer behaviour

& existing infrastructure.


We understand that some of you travel quite a distance to get here, and sometimes there are extreme circumstances. Please message Jo Keenan on 0438 951 782 to let us know you’re running late.

Please unload your goods and then move your car to a nearby surrounding carpark to enable Seekers easy access to the Hive.


4. INSURANCE (Public & Product Liability)

The Hive & Seek Market run by Create Collaborate Collective Inc holds a group stall holder public liability policy for a few stall holders per event. This covers uninsured stallholders, and is intended for home businesses and those starting their market experience. If you are a regular market attendee, we highly recommend you look into your own insurance needs.


Group stall holder insurance does NOT include product liability.

Food vans are excluded from this policy.


The Hive & Seek Market accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property of the Stall holder brought to the Hive & Seek Market; or injury to any person associated with the stall holder.



Any stall holder who intends to sell or handle food at our Market is required to be registered.

If food stall applicants and operators require any information regarding their obligations under the Food Act, they should contact the Queanbeyan Council on 1300 735 025, between 9.00am and 4.30pm on weekdays.



Hive & Seek takes no responsibility for the safe keeping of personal property of stall holders or seekers while at the event. The security of your takings, goods and personal items is your own responsibility. We advise that you keep any important possessions on your person at all times.



Hive and Seek encourages safe work place practices when it comes to the handling of heavy equipment, particularly your goods to sell. Please remember your own safety when carrying your equipment, and ask for assistance if needed.


Hive and Seek is not liable for injury caused by the incorrect carrying of equipment.

Please consider your stall layout. Keep all heavy and sharp objects stored properly and ensure any potential slip & trip hazards are removed at all times.



Hive & Seek is also an outdoor market and event. It is the responsibility of individuals to ensure they have appropriate sun protection including, hat, umbrella, sunscreen and water.


Hive & Seek is not liable for any weather-related issues, including but not limited to: cancellations, damage of product or injury.



Refunds are available 7 day prior to the event. The Queanbeyan Hive is a registered as a COVID Safe Business with NSW Government. We observe social distancing rules and COVID-safe hygiene practices.


We will be asking everyone to check in electronically (via Service NSW).


If we need to cancel due to the COVID situation or bad and dangerous weather we will issue full refunds bar the booking fee (which in these circumstances will not be able to waiver). 


10. Rubbish

Please take all your possessions and rubbish with you when you leave. Please dispose of any food waste and rubbish appropriately – recycle any bits that can be recycled!! If you have other items you no longer want to keep please donate these to a local charity or op shop at the end of the market.



The stall holder consents to the organisers using any images and recordings of the stall holder and their stall during and after the Hive & Seek Market, for the promotion and reporting of this event and future events in any media.



While reasonable care is taken in the preparation of these Terms & Conditions, the Hive & Seek Organiser does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or currency of the information on this schedule or its usefulness in achieving any purpose.


Information on this schedule should not be used without validating that information from appropriate sources and obtaining professional advice where it is prudent to do so. You should make and rely upon your own assessments and enquires to verify the accuracy of the information provided.

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