Lighting and electrics

This lighting project was the start of everything suddenly getting very complicated and involved. The desire to remove the fluorescent lights and and the  plastic conduit housing old electrical began the journey. How do we wire the house safely and effectively? As usual here at The Hive, nothing was standard or simple. Everything had to be upgraded, from the switchboard to the power points. We had to take off the original skirting boards in order to run new cabling to each room. We have installed three-phase power points to be able to power mobile food vendors who dock at The Hive.


The Hive has been great for...

Rehearsals, gigs, meetings and office space

"I met Helen last year and was amazed by what she and her team have created at The QBN Hive. I'm impressed by the art exhibitions, the layout and design of the rooms, the connection to community and creativity, and the scope for the venue to host all sorts of events, from meetings through to gigs. So far at The Hive, I've performed an outdoor concert, held networking meetings on behalf of MusicNSW, rehearsed with my band, and used a room as office space. For each of these things, it's been a brilliant space."

Michael Simic (Mikelangelo) 

Musician, MusicNSW regional music officer

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