Riverside Rhythms - A Qbn Musical Fundraiser

On Thursday the 9th Jan 2020 $8000 was raised for Wires and Wildcare  - what an amazing effort. Thank you Omar and the amazing performers you brought to the Hive to create this beautiful event - thank you Eden PlentyCathy DiverLucy Sugerman, CJ Bowerbird and the bittersweet bliss of Endrey playing his last gig before leaving CBR for MEL. Thanks again to the stalwart Bee Team and especially Brendon Houlahan for doing the sound. And most of all thanks to everyone who came along and paid to see this, and bought food and drink, and bought artworks. 

The Hive has been great for...

Gallery exhibition, craft & meditation sessions, in-service

The Hive fills a local gap for me where I’m looking for a small scale venue that has an artistic aesthetic.

In the last year I have used it for a variety of activities:

  • Gallery space for Mosaic Exhibition for one month

  • Weekly meditation groups

  • A craft meet up that I ran on an occasional basis for four week blocks

  • A venue for a teacher in-service and lunch for my ten teachers and a presenter

Josephine Cresswell

Director, Celtic Arts Agency

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