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Information for your Hive Visitation

The Hive is a c1910 cottage which we have painfully restored for your enjoyment. We trust you can treasure it as your own and respect it as the bees do with their own hives. We are one community.

There is limited parking on site in the Rear Garden of The Qbn Hive and this predominantly for those that have booked the spaces for a whole day. 

Please advise your clients, customers and visitors  that one hour parking is available on Crawford Street. Three hour parking is available in the Q car-park which can be accessed from Rutledge Street or Lowe Street.


Building access

Helen (Aka Queen bee) will be there to open up The Hive at 8.45am. Please contact her 24hour ahead of booking if you wish to be there earlier than 8.45am.


We ask that your clients/visitors access the building via the path to the left of the cottage. This will minimise the disturbance of the front rooms and also will allow them to be welcomed and shown to the waiting area. There will put a notice on the front door to advise clients of this process.


Helen will be present for when clients arrive. Your clients will be welcomed, shown the hand sanitising protocols before entering the waiting room.



All staff and clients must have read our health and safety protocols to avoid the spread of COVID19. Please ensure your staff are familiar with your own safety plans. The Qbn Hive will have their plan available for viewing at the entrance to The Hive.



Please ensure that you leave your hired room as you found it. Hygiene and cleaning supplies will be provided in each room for following The Qbn Hive's COVID Safety Plan. All common areas will be regularly cleaned by Artspirit.



Kitchen facilities are available for use including tea and coffee. Please ensure that you leave the kitchen as you found it.

WIFI Internet access

2.4GHZ:  BuzzAbout
5GHZ: BuzzAboutQBN


Photocopying & Printing

A copier is available on the premise for incidental use only. Abusing this honesty system goes against the Hive rules and not cool. Instructions to use this are available on request from reception.


Heating and Cooling

The Queanbeyan Hive has central heating and cooling as well as wood stoves to use during Winter. The locked windows can be opened with a key that is available from reception. No additional heaters are allowed unless authorised by Artspirit.



The blinds can be opened and closed from both the top and the bottom for light and privacy control. This tool for reaching the top clip is available from reception.



The timber floors are original 1910 Rimu timber (fairly soft timber). Please be mindful of moving heavy furniture and rocks caught in your shoes as these easily damage the restored floor.

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