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We have the space. You have the skills and talent. Collaborating we can achieve great things.

Share your ideas with us and see what we can create together.

Would you like to contribute?

Join our Bee Team of volunteers and make a difference to our local communities.

Music & Dance 

Beats and music brings joy to our hearts. The Honey bees have a rapid wing beat with over 230 beats per second! They inform other bees of a nectar source by doing a waggle dance.


From mosaics to building a native bee house...  We encourage our community to grow and connect through the sharing of ideas and skills.


Supporting our local artists. Affordable exhibition opportunities for public viewing on Friday evenings and the weekends. Opening times dependant on exhibition.


Weddings, celebrations and special events.
Proceeds go put back into our community arts events.


Hive & Seek will return in 2021 when COVID 19 restrictions ease. Join our market Bee Team to make this happen.


The Hive has been great for...

Rehearsals, gigs, meetings and office space

"I met Helen last year and was amazed by what she and her team have created at The QBN Hive. I'm impressed by the art exhibitions, the layout and design of the rooms, the connection to community and creativity, and the scope for the venue to host all sorts of events, from meetings through to gigs. So far at The Hive, I've performed an outdoor concert, held networking meetings on behalf of MusicNSW, rehearsed with my band, and used a room as office space. For each of these things, it's been a brilliant space."

Michael Simic (Mikelangelo) 

Musician, MusicNSW regional music officer

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The Queanbeyan Hive - 0403 994 446 

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